Monday, April 7, 2014

35 week update

Had my 35 week appointment today, with an ultrasound update. The wonderful news.... BOTH babies are HEAD DOWN! WOO HOO!!! What we've been praying for and working on these past few weeks. So continued positive thoughts and prayers that they stay that way.

Here is Baby A's 3D face.
Twin A 3D 1

And Baby B's 3D face (her arm is going up by her face on the right in this photo - hand at top)
Twin B 3D 2 arm hand_top

It's pretty cramped in there so lots of goop shows up on the 3D ultrasounds, but you can see their lips and nose and somewhat parts of their eyes.

Here is a profile shot of Baby A:
Twin A profile

And the exciting photo of the visit.... Baby B's HAIR!!! (left arrow)
Twin B hair

They are always pretty cooperative in letting the tech get their measurements and letting them see what they need to record. But today they were both pretty active and the tech had to be patient with getting their cord blood flow because they were moving around so much. They were both breathing again so that got recorded. They were breathing at the last ultrasound too. Good thing because it shows they are practicing.

Had the MFM (maternal fetal medicine doctor) consult right after the ultrasound. She usually comes in after each ultrasound to report the weights and take a peek herself, but this was a scheduled 'consult' just meaning she had 10-15 minutes to chat with me about delivery. They are there with my midwife in the OR and take over once Baby A is out. I had met this particular doc once before and really enjoyed her. She is encouraging and positive. Babies' estimated weights are:
Baby A: 5 lbs 9 oz
Baby B: 5 lbs 13 oz
She did move my due date up four days because of my short cycles and their consistently big measurements (they've been measuring 8 days bigger than my LMP due date because they had my cycle length down as 28 days). So that puts my 'new' due date of May 10th... which really doesn't matter. Hoping they come in the next couple weeks. They will want to talk induction if I make it to 38 weeks (38w with twins is like 41w with a singleton as far as risk of still birth).

Also had my weekly NST (non-stress test) Baby A was super active during the ultrasound and of course went to sleep for the NST. Baby B passed immediately but we had to wait a bit for A to wake back up :-P no contractions recorded on NST this week. I had one last week. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NYC Trip: Day 5 & 6 ~ last two days

Wednesday morning was much like the previous two mornings. We woke to our packaged oatmeal with the warm hotel water and spent the morning playing with our play-dough:

(I actually took that above photo to send to Kyle to show him Isaac's funky bed head)
We were going to meet Kyle on one of his breaks but we weren't dressed and by the time we got dressed, hurried to the elevators, then back to the room because I forgot my wallet, then to the gift shop to get a coffee, Kyle's break was almost over so we just visited for a minute before he had to go back. Then we went to the 9th floor, just the two of us to character watch for a little bit.

After nap we decided to go for a walk. Our plan for this day was to visit the NYC Public Library when Kyle got off. But we were getting tired of being in our room so we set out for a walk in that direction with plans for Kyle to just meet us at the library.

We left Times Square and headed to Rockefeller Center, got a quick look at the ice rink and the statue which Isaac called "statue of lib-ity"... hey he's catching on. Then we walked down 5th Ave toward the library. It was a chilly day and Isaac was getting cold so we ducked into a Sbarro to share some garlic bread and try to warm up.

Then headed back south the few blocks remaining... we eventually made it to the New York Public Library!

We went around the side for the 'handicap'/stroller friendly entrance to the library.

And luckily the children's section was right inside this side door.

Isaac and I read some books. And even in a room FULL of books we ended up reading three or four of them two or more times. Kyle joined up with us then we took a walk around the whole library enjoying the architecture.

Next up was finding a place to eat. Kyle was craving seafood and  I really wanted to go by the Chrysler Building since it's my most favorite building in the city. So our plan was to head that way as we figured out where to eat.... then we walked out of the library to this!:

HA! To my surprise it was right there all along and when Isaac and I came to the library we walked right past it but I was focused on the front of the library building at that point and didn't even look to my left to see it standing there! We are facing 5th Ave in this photo and that is where we crossed the road just an hour or so earlier.

So that plan quickly changed because I was now happy and now my NYC trip was complete :-)

So we turned down in front of the library to try and find a place to eat browsing our phones at the same time. Yes it is still cold.

After too much unnecessary walking, we ended up on the east side at a place our Yelp! app told us was seafood.... only to find minimal seating and in fact no sea food. We were all starving at this point so we got an appetizer and decided to go to another place a few blocks back the way we came that was indeed a seafood restaurant.

We made it there and even though we felt rather out of place with a child (it was kinda a nice place) we didn't care cuz we were hungry. I had a really good lobster risotta. Isaac of course ordered the mac'n'chz so another place we got to try, lol. As you can see in this photo I was trying to catch a photo of my food before a little curious hand made it's way to my lobster:

We took a cab home, which was the plan after ALL that walking. Phew this mama was tired! We got back to our room and ready for bed. Isaac was being a goofball (sorry for the blurry phone pics).

The next morning (Thursday) was our last day and our travel out day. Kyle was finished with the conference and I was Jones-en for a NY bagel. So we got packed up, left our luggage with the courtesy desk and walked a block away to a deli for a yummy, yummy bagel and cream cheese. We weren't sure what we were going to do before we had to leave for the airport... we had wanted to go to FAO Schwarz (the toy store) but we weren't sure if we'd have time. But we started our walk up 5th Ave heading that way. We did eventually make it after a few dips into retail shops to warm up for a quick minute.

We arrived and headed straight for the 'big' piano:

Isaac loved running back and forth on it

The girl in the background was a little annoyed with Isaac and the other little girl because they were just carelessly walking across it and I guess she wanted to make music or something


We were kinda bummed we didn't get a visit to Central Park. But with my limited walking and the cold weather we were okay with it. We did get to see a corner of it as we walked to the subway from FAO

We took the subway back to our hotel to get on a cab for the airport. Isaac being goofy on the train:

Isaac fell asleep on the cab ride to the airport

Good-bye Manhattan. Until next time! (fuzzy photo pics again)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Many Faces of Isaac

Well a few anyway :-P Bath-time a few nights ago:
bathtime faces-2

bathtime faces-4

bathtime faces-7

bathtime faces-9

bathtime faces-11

He looks like such a big boy now, he's long and lean. My baby is grown up :-( just in time for two new babies to arrive. :-)

Baby Belly Update

I interrupt our New York trip recap to bring you the latest baby belly update photos.

I started weekly visit two weeks ago, oh joy! First NST (non-stress test) this past Monday and those continue on a weekly basis. Luckily I am familiar with those from having to have a few with Isaac when he was overdue. Next ultrasound is set for 1.5 weeks (when I am almost 35 weeks).

Both girls are looking great, well sounding great I guess I should say. Saw them last 2.5 weeks ago and won't 'see' them again for a week and a half. Check ups are really nothing exciting, they just check their heartbeats and measure me. Oh and I get to leave a urine sample checking for ketones (diabetes stuff) and protein (pre-E stuff). I don't think I updated that I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes before the New York trip; which is very common when carrying multiples and given my family history. The only thing that adds on is that I am checking my blood sugar every morning and after one meal. For the first week of checking my glucose I was checking four times a day (morning and every meal) then when my numbers were all good I was able to drop it down to just twice a day. I was already eating really healthy and trying to maximize my protein intake so the diagnosis wasn't really a life changer... I just know not to drink a super sugary drink (like the one they make you drink for the test) as my body will have a hard time breaking down the glucose.

Here are two pictures from my SECOND three hour glucose test (which was Feb 25th). We were both actually quite ill this day, suffering from head colds as you can see on poor Isaac's face.
IMG_4383  IMG_4384

Oh I also realized I guess I didn't update after the last ultrasound on March 10th. Here is the only good photo from that visit:
Twin A Twin B faces_heads

They both weighed an estimated 4 lbs 1 oz. Baby A is still sitting breech and Baby B was head down. They were face to face in the above photo. I know it's hard to visualize and you're probably thinking "How are they face to face if one is upside down and one is head up?" But think of a ying/yang sign. They are looking face to face then B's body goes up above A's head and A's body/legs come down below B's head (blocking the exit). So be praying that either B shimmy's her way down to get her head closest to the exit or that A flips and gets head down.

Since I didn't get a belly photo the week we were in New York I actually don't have four photos to fill up a new line of four. So I'll wait to post that til next week. But I did decide to take a naked belly photo to compare with the ones I took with Isaac. So here is a week to week comparison of my 33 week twin belly with my 33 week Isaac belly! Eh... correction, just discovered as I went back to find the Isaac belly pics that I didn't get a 33 week pic for some reason so the comparisons will be a week off..

34 weeks text Naked Belly week33 text

34 weeks front text Naked Belly week33 b&w text

And here are some pics Kyle took while we were face-timing with Grandma Cindy the other day:
facetime w gmaC-2

facetime w gmaC-3

One last thing! Some amazing friends of mine threw me a shower. I was hesitant to let them at first because I don't really like the idea of showers for second children but they insisted because I wasn't just having a second child! We have been truly blessed by their thoughtfulness and kindness this whole pregnancy. I didn't get 'real' photos but my friend Lesa did so I wanted to share her blog post about the shower. You can visit it by going here: Celebrating Daisy by Lesa

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NYC Trip: Day 3 & 4 ~ Taking it Easy

Monday morning was the start of Kyle's conference (which was just downstairs at the Marriott Marquis). It was like a work day for him because the conference was from 8-5. Isaac and I had our instant oatmeal in the room then took a walk to get coffee and hot chocolate. Of course the Starbucks on the first level of OUR own hotel was closed for a remodel so we had to walk the block away to the next one :-P which normally isn't a big deal, but hey I was very pregnant and it was very cold outside.

We were also killing time for Toys R Us to open. It was just across the way from our hotel. We walked around there for a little bit.

Watched the Ferris Wheel, which we probably should have rode... but we didn't.


We did pick up a play-doh toy at Toys R Us and came back to the room and played with it  before lunch. It's a fire truck that makes molds and other fun stuff.

Then we met Kyle for lunch downstairs and walked across the street to this little deli type place: Junior's (known for their cheesecake). We can actually see it from our room. It was a Jewish deli, with pickle and coleslaw appetizer and all! It reminded us of a place we have here called Mort's. Amazing sandwiches. 

Isaac being goofy and making funny faces.

Then back to the hotel for the first good nap since Thursday.

That afternoon we hung out in the room and played with his playdough until Kyle got finished with his conference. Here are some views from our room:
NYC D3 Room View-1

Finishing lunch
NYC D3 Room View-2

NYC D3 Room View-5

NYC D3 Room View-4

NYC D3 Room View-6

And there's the place we had lunch, in the bottom left corner of this photo:
NYC D3 Room View-8

Then we went uptown (West Side) to a BBQ place that had 'kid's eat free': Brother Jimmy's. Was already getting tired of buying $10 mac n chz that Isaac would just nibble on. Isaac was a big fan of the crayon holder, not so much coloring but taking the crayons in and out.

Of all the places in New York to eat we found the place that served drinks out of mason jars :-P

On our walk back, from the subway to our hotel we have to cross through the heart of Times Square. Right through all the dressed up characters and people taking selfies. It was so fun to hear Isaac yell out "Elmo!" or "Mickey!" as if he knew them. We got a little too close to Mickey because he insisted we get a picture with him (we otherwise tried to avoid pictures because well you can see below). Isaac was a fan of Mickey until he actually came up close, lol.
Untitled Untitled

Tuesday was much of the same thing. We weren't in a hurry to get anywhere, had our instant oatmeal in the room, took baths, and got dressed for the day. I settled for the Starbucks in the hotel gift-shop (which was Starbucks but I couldn't use my rewards card here... what's the point of paying for Starbucks if it doesn't build up my rewards...)

We did go to the 9th floor of the hotel to go over by the windows and check out the view. Here's the hotel's elevator system, pretty fun and not your ordinary elevators
NYC D4 hotel_TS-2

Instead of just going up and hitting up or down, you punch in the floor you need to go to then it gives you a letter and you go to that designated shaft to get to your destinations. Isaac had fun hitting the number and then calling out the letter and leading us to the correct set of doors.

Times Square view:
NYC D4 hotel_TS-5

NYC D4 hotel_TS-8

They must have JUST taken the ball down because it was up Saturday and Sunday when we walked by. But I noticed this day it was gone and on display down the road a bit inside some place that had a sign on the door saying come in and see the 2014 ball.
NYC D4 hotel_TS-4

We sat there for a bit and counted taxi cabs and watched the characters wonder the street.

NYC D4 hotel_TS-10

Hotel side:
NYC D4 hotel_TS-6

I got a good view of the hotel we stayed at on New Year's Eve three years ago (2010-2011):
NYC D4 hotel_TS-11

And there is the balcony we stood on to watch the ball drop:
NYC D4 hotel_TS-12

Here's a good photo to show scale with Isaac standing watching the elevators:
NYC D4 hotel_TS-14

We headed back to our room to grab our coats then went across the street to get lunch at a hot dog stand:

And back to the room for another good nap. He sleeps in such funny positions and I was stuck in the room with him so I couldn't help but snap a photo :-)

After nap we went across the street to the Disney store. Times Square isn't my favorite part of New York (maybe actually my least favorite) but I will admit it was kinda nice for a pregnant mama because at least we had things very close to keep us busy and make quick little trips out of for entertainment.

Isaac was happy to squeeze the Nemo... but again not so happy I wanted to take his photo.

After exploring the Disney store we went down a few blocks to the M&M store.

That night when Kyle was finished we met Cousin Patty for dinner on the Upper East Side at a fun little place called The Meatball Shop. It was a really fun place and really good. They obviously served meatballs, I got my 'naked' and Patty & Kyle got there's on a sub.

Isaac staying busy playing on his 'phone'.



We took the train back to Times Square. I haven't seen this kind of train on the tracks before so had to snap a photo.

Then off to bed, here's daddy reading books to Isaac before night-night:

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