Sunday, July 5, 2015

Arboretum Lego Sculptures

Last Friday, June 26th we headed out to the Arboretum for an evening visit. We got there about 6 and the visitor's center was closed but the grounds stay open until 8pm. It was really looking like rain so we were on the clock to stay dry.

There are 13 'Art with LEGO Bricks' sculptures and we saw all but three. So this post will have to be continued once we make it back to find the others we didn't see this visit. I'll list them in the order we saw them but label them with their designated numbers.

#2 Peacock ~ 68,827 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-1

arboretum fridayeve-2

#1 Hummingbird on Flower ~ 61,107 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-4

arboretum fridayeve-6

#6 Giant Pansy Bloom ~ 29,314 lego bricks 

arboretum fridayeve-8

I think this one is my favorite:
#7 Birdbath ~ 14,802 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-9

Look at the little bees!
arboretum fridayeve-11

arboretum fridayeve-13

arboretum fridayeve-14

arboretum fridayeve-18

Playing peek-a-boo
arboretum fridayeve-21

arboretum fridayeve-23

Had a hard time finding this one. The map had it marked in a different spot than it actually ended up being but it wasn't far from there. We were right by it when we saw the pansy but didn't go far enough to see it.

#5 Deer Family ~ 84,442 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-25

arboretum fridayeve-26

arboretum fridayeve-27

We headed back to the car, the rain appeared to be closing in. We drove down to the other parking lot area and saw a few more that were close by

#9 Galapagos Tortoise and Finch ~ 23,317 lego bricks 

arboretum fridayeve-31

arboretum fridayeve-29

#Wheelbarrow ~ 29,900 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-32

arboretum fridayeve-33

arboretum fridayeve-36

#10 Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed ~ 39,708 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-40

arboretum fridayeve-39

Kyle picked up me and Isaac and we drove down to the learning center area as it started to rain. Two more were located at this remote location. I hoped out of the van to take a photo of them.

#13 Grandfather and Grandchild Gardening ~ 46,940 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-42

arboretum fridayeve-43

These were the only two that Isaac wasn't out with me and of course one of them would have been perfect to get his picture with... there's always next time.

#12 LEGO Brick Mosaic ~ 12,990 lego bricks

arboretum fridayeve-44

I'll end with some cute photos of the girls last Sunday before church.
sunday morning 4th dresses-3

Mary giving kisses
sunday morning 4th dresses-9

sunday morning 4th dresses-10

sunday morning 4th dresses-12

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Many faces of Mary

Now that Mary is walking she is turning out to be quite the clutz... well mainly due to tiredness but last week it was a black eye from falling into the side of the tub as I was getting her sister settled in the bath. This week it was a fall outside on the sidewalk with an ending nose plant scraping up her cute little nose. :-( she's a trooper though. 

Dave Concert

We had a date night last night. Got to see Dave Matthews Band again at the Xcel Center in St Paul. My 7th concert, Kyle's fourth. 

Their two sets of the night, photo from DMBs Facebook page:

Splash Pad June 25th

We hit the splash pad again Thursday morning on the 25th. I took a few pictures this time. Nothing to exciting but thought I'd share. It was the perfect hot day for playing in the water!






Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pigtails and Garden photos

Emma's hair is getting so long. I put it up in pigtails for the first time the other day. It was ADORABLE! :-)



You can also see the tail end of Mary's shiner. She fell in the bathroom at the end of last week and knocked her cheek/eye on the side of the tub. It happens when you're learning to walk.


2 peas in a pod

She hasn't quite managed to get up there on her own, but she sure does love being on the couch. She can get down no problem.

Silly goofs:




And here are some photos from my garden, I had fun playing around capturing new growth and tiny details:
daisyjanephotography marigold garden 6a web

daisyjanephotography peppermint garden-14 web

daisyjane photography cucumber garden 13 web

daisyjane photography cucumber curly arm garden 10a web
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