Friday, September 12, 2014

4 months old! & other exciting news

Wow, the past four months have really flown by... but at the same time each day seems to stand still. Both girls are now rolling over. Mary was first to roll over a few weeks ago so now she is a pro and won't hold still. Emma has just got the hang of it the past few days and is a little more selective with when she wants to. I can't really list any 'typical' characteristics because as of the past 48 hours everything has changed! Emma usually is the one that goes right down when I lay her in her crib, but lately Mary has been doing that. Mary usually takes more work to get asleep rocking and nursing more... but lately that has been Emma. So they may be switching rolls or just hitting a growth spurt.

They have definitely found their hands and love chomping on anything and everything. Drool has kicked in as well.
4 months-10

4 months-9

4 months-4

4 months-2

4 months-3

Photos from a few weeks ago:





Oh and I'll also share this new addition to our family with you. We broke her in with a trip to La Crosse, WI last weekend (will post about that later).






ONE more piece of news. Wow this blog is full of excitement. Isaac is potty trained!!!! It started last Wednesday when I got fed up after he had soaked through his diaper and onto the couch before 10am. I was so aggravated I said "THAT's IT! NO.MORE.DIAPERS!" and made him go pant-less the day. He immediately figured it out, we didn't even have accidents on the floor. I put a potty in the living room, a potty in his bedroom, and left the potty in the bathroom. He started off going to the potty every 15 minutes and I was thinking "Seriously! This kid pees so much!" But by the next day it was about every 30-1 hr and Friday we even tried pants on (no underwear) and a trip in the van and he did great. I think it was Thursday evening we took a quick van trip and he had peed on the walk to the garage so we changed pants, he stayed dry the whole trip then when we were walking back into the house he peed in his pants. But luckily not in the van! :-) Then we were out of town all weekend so we were back to diapers, which set us back. Even though we told him if he needed to go to tell us and we'd take him to the potty. He went a few times in the potty there. Then Monday it was back to training. We went to the park, but tried underwear that time. Something about the underwear made it tricker because he would pee in them more, but not full blown pee just dribble dribble. He ended up pooping (it came quick, I could tell he was needing to tell me then he just pushed and it came out) so those undies got tossed. But then he pooped on the potty shortly after that at the park. Then Wednesday he pooped on the potty and Thursday and today!!! And today we had ECFE for the girls and he was in his own class with his friend. I thought for sure he would wet his pants because they didn't have a bathroom in the room and I had showed it too him right before down the hall and tried to get him to go but he didn't want to. When I returned he still had the same dry pants on! We headed to the bathroom and he was acting a little scared of the 'big toilet', so I convinced him to stand and he DID! So, so proud of him!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MN State Fair 2014

We hit up the State Fair on a Tuesday this year. Last year we went on a Monday and it was SO HOT! This year it started off pretty chilly. Our first goal was coffee and breakfast. Which of course the place we wanted to go was smack dab in the middle of the fairgrounds. We started off with Emma in the stroller, Isaac in the front seat of the stroller, and Mary on my chest. Isaac kept squirming and turning around to look at Emma and he eventually fell out... which caused a huge melt down (he was okay accident wise). But since he was only going on a package of crackers the meltdown was a little over dramatic. We got our coffee and went across the street for crepes. Oh and we had to pass the lactation tent to get coffee but at this point the girls were hungry as well and we weren't going to make it to the lactation tent. So they had breakfast with us :-) When you have two babies, and when they aren't your first you really could careless where they eat and who is around.

Breakfast crepes

Then we traveled through the DNR area to take a peek at some fish

And through the Miracle of Life barn. I got to watch a baby piglet pop out. I feel somewhat connected to animal mothers who carry more than one baby now. If only mine would have popped out like that piglet did. She had a piglet every 15 minutes, lucky! Isaac was excited to see the cows. It was pretty cramped so I took the girls in the stroller and waited over by the side.

Then we got some more food: Australian potatoes. Kyle is chasing Isaac around:

Then we strolled through the lamb and poultry barn. Getting to see some pretty fluffy chickens and roosters. The girls were napping. Mary stayed asleep but Emma was awoken by a rooster! Her eyes were hilarious when that rooster crowed!

Then the horse barn. Isaac didn't want me to take a picture

I had heard about this freebie lip gloss at the Star Tribune booth so I wanted to check it out. It's actually pretty good.

Then we cut through the merchant area at the grand stand to head to the newly added West End Market place.

We met up with some friends in the West End Market. Grabbed some more food. Blue Beer, steak tacos, and these corn fritters with chimicurra sauce (my new favorite!)

This was also feeding time for the girls again so we found a picnic table to hang out. Since it's a brand new area there wasn't much shade and it was starting to warm up at this point. Isaac throwing wood chips with his friend K.

Then we headed with our friends to Little Farm Hands with a few stops along the way. Isaac is obsessed K:

Little Farm Hands is a simulated farm for preschool-younger school age kids. We did it last year but he wasn't as in to it as he was this year.

You get a bucket (and apron which Isaac refused again this year)

And collect corn in the first barn which you will use to feed the 'animals'. (no real animals in this simulation)

Go through the 'tractor barn':

After the tractors you plant a wooden coin and gather your vegetables

Then you used your corn to feed the chickens and collect an egg:

Feed the sheep to collect your wool

Feed the cow

And milk the cow to collect your milk

The apple orchard is next (which I didn't get a picture of). Then you go to the market and trade in all your collected goods and get money (play cash). Which you then buy a juice box with.

There were no strollers allowed in the Farm Hands so Isaac watched us from the fence and walked along side us on the outside. After we finished Little Farm Hands we said farewell to our friends, headed to get a corn dog while Mary napped.

We did a quick stroll through the pet barn because Isaac wanted to see the dogs. But it was started to get packed and there were very few dogs to see. Rather disappointing. It was getting warm and we were all pretty pooped so we headed back to the car for the trip home. In which all three kiddos got a good nap in.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


I spend a lot of Isaac's naptime with a baby sleeping on me. Which is okay. Nothing gets done around the house, ever, but that's okay too. 

The thing with two babies is I want to sit there forever holding a baby.... But if I'm holding a sleeping baby when the other wakes up then I am stuck with two unhappy awake babies that need a longer nap. So I have to time it right where I can maximize my snuggle time but that sleeping in arms baby is put down to continue sleeping before other baby starts to restle so I can quickly pick that baby up and get her back to sleep. 

Oiy the life of a twin mom. 

Once Isaac is up we are all up (if a baby is up). Sometimes the babies are still sleeping in their cribs then I get some Isaac snuggles as well. 

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