Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Garage work

This summer we decided to take on the garage project... not really a fun thing but something that needed to be done. We had some trim on the north side that was rotting and needed replaced, our garage entry door was a mess, and while we were at it we decided we just needed to give it a whole make-over.

I was not so good at getting before and after pictures. I did manage to get before and after of the new door. We had bought a keypad entry knob a year ago and it stopped working this past winter. Luckily it was still under warranty so they sent us a new one! And it was great incentive to replace the entire door before installing the new knob. And of course we were able to get rid of the old door on craigslist :-) (We installed the door and scrapped white trim paint the weekend of August 2nd & 3rd)

Before of the door:

Before and After: We used vinyl trim, screws will get painted later.
IMG_5381 IMG_5386

Last weekend on my birthday we started to replace the garage window. The window had been boarded up when bought the house so it felt good to finally get to that project. (very low on our list obviously since we lived 6 years without it).

This pictures is from 2009, the siding isn't as faded as it currently was, but I was trying to find a picture of the window we replaced

Window in without trim around it

Then this weekend Kyle took some days off (yesterday and today) to get some work done. He actually got home early on Friday and we managed to finish the window and get the hand painting done on the garage. Then Saturday we painted the garage in the morning and fixed the soffit trim in the afternoon. Sunday Kyle replaced the trim around the garage door! We got a LOT done even before his days off! Yesterday he cleaned and we both stained our deck - one year to the day of when we built it. It was a very productive weekend! Today we hit up the State Fair. So our to do list on the garage is down to painting the white trim. The new soffit and window trim will have to wait a few months anyway because it's treated wood.

Took these Friday evening after I had done the hand painting. So it looks funny but you can see how faded the siding was. We actually only painted three sides, because the north side wasn't faded at all and the color we got closely resembles it.

(Before) Garage trim off and hand painting partially done

(Before) Window trim put on but not painted, siding hand painting partially done

Paint done! It looks SOO much better!

New soffit trim piece: (You can see the old piece still sticking up, we need to cut that down and stick it in our garbage can)

Painted and garage trim on:

Stained deck:

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Photo's Post

I don't really have any real updates, just some fun pictures to share. The girls are growing bigger and Isaac is getting smarter :-)

Isaac's current new favorite is listening to the ABC's channel on Pandora on the TV. He loves all the songs: Hokey Pokey, 'Rain Song', ABCs, Skidaladink.... etc. He is also still in to playing games: old maid, go fish (that grandma got him) candy land, 'nemo game' (memory), and hi ho cherrio. Just in the last week he is a pro at his two 'advanced' puzzles... looks like we might need to get him the next step up. He can master those pretty quickly. He is also developing quite the imagination and saying some of the cutest, entertaining things these days.

The girls are sleeping better, their eating is spacing out a little bit and they LOVE their big brother. It is so fun to see them smile and coo at each other and at Isaac. They enjoy just being a part of our everyday life activities. I would say that Emma loves her sleep and typically goes right down when we put her in her crib... but that has changed in the last few days. Mary likes to be rocked to sleep and is little more of a fighter... but then again the past few days she has gone down easier. So just when we get in a routine, things change. I remember this happening with Isaac around this time.

I returned to work this weekend, working very part time (every third weekend). I'm currently on day two. Been nice to be back out in the adult world and having a little break from home. Kyle is finding his groove at home with the clan.

Here are some photos from the past month:
boppy faces-1 boppy faces-4

boppy faces-5

boppy faces-6

mirror floor play-4

Isaac loves playing with them
bouncy play-1

Sunday morning play time-1

The girls love watching Isaac play:
Sunday morning play time-4

Sunday morning play time-5

Here Isaac wanted Mary covered with her blanket... then he had to go get his blanket from his room because he couldn't fit under Mary's with her. It was pretty cute.
Sunday morning play time-6

Had a little photo shoot on Thursday this past week:
august 7th-4

august 7th-5

august 7th-6

august 7th-7

august 7th-9

august 7th-11

august 7th-13

august 7th-14

august 7th-15

Monday, July 28, 2014

Interstate State Park Day Trip Hike


Saturday we ventured out for our first outdoorsy trip in quite a while. Well since last year. It was such a moral booster to be out in the great outdoors. We used to camp and hike quite a lot, but not as much anymore obviously with little ones. We have camped a good amount with Isaac and plan to with the girls eventually... maybe just not this summer.

Anyway, so it felt great to go on a somewhat short hike. I think it was probably only 2 miles or less round trip. And since we were wearing the babies it was quite warm. It was about a 90 degree day, but a gorgeous low humidity day. Isaac was concerned about his sandwich the entire time. We had a picnic after the hike.

First we took a look at the geological attraction, glacial potholes. They were in the sun, so it was really hot. We didn't spend too much time here before heading on the River Trail for our hike.



Had to get some selfies as proof of our adventures. I'm pretty proud of ourselves for getting out. And even though the girls are 11 weeks old it was completely do-able and enjoyable!



Amazing views from up on the cliff. Looking over the St. Croix River into Wisconsin.

Then we had our PB&J picnic near the car after our hike.

Oh and here we are loading up that morning

Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 months!

The girls turned two months last week, but I wanted to wait to add their weight stats from our pediatrician's visit today.
2 months old-15

2 months old-28
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz
Height: 24 inches
Loves to eat! and often :-)
Seems to be a light sleeper and likes taking naps in her crib, otherwise she is too interested in what's going on around her.
Likes to be held upright
Loves laying under the playmat
Happy, happy baby!
Her eyes are darker and possibly turning brown!
2 months old-9

2 months old-29
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz
Height: 23 inches
Still a great sleeper! Record of 8 hours one night and a lot of 4-6 hour stretches. But some nights still just a couple of hours at a time :-)
Likes her pacifier
Likes to coo and grunt when she poos
Happy, happy baby!
Thinking she'll have blue eyes
2 months old-1

2 months old-12

And Isaac needed to be involved as well :-)
2 months old-18

2 months old-19

2 months old-25

2 months old-24

Fuzzy, but I love that he's holding their hands <3 p="">2 months old-23

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